End-User License Agreement

This is a legal agreement and should be read in its totality. It is a legal agreement between you (either an entity or an individual), and video-downloaders.com ("our", "we", "us") regarding the use of our services. You are abided by the terms and conditions of our End User License Agreement (EULA) whether you visit or access our services directly from video-downloaders.com or through any other resource.

For objectives hereof, "you" entails the person using the services on her or his behalf. For the objectives of this Agreement, "video-downloaders.com" shall entail the Internet website from which the YouTube Videos can be downloaded.

By visiting, accessing, loading, transferring, copying, or storing the services in your computer system or in any way benefiting by our services, you agree to be obliged by the terms of our agreement. In case you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, video-downloaders.com will not offer its services to you and stop your access to our services in all the ways.

  1. Ownership Rights: You agree that the services, ideas, systems, documentation, the process of operation, or any information on this website are the proprietary intellectual properties of video-downloaders.com and are protected by copyright law, civil and criminal law and trademark. We own and hold all the titles, rights, and interests on all the services, including without any limitations, any enhancement, error corrections, or other modifications to the website. YouTube37 reserves all the rights not explicitly conferred to you in this Agreement.
  2. Confidential Information: You agree not to download, copy, transfer, disclose, offer, or otherwise make available any of our confidential data in any form to any individual or third party.
  3. No Modification: You agree not to alter or modify any of our services in any way. You may also not eliminate or modify any copyright content or notices from the website.
  4. Prohibited Uses You agree not to.
    1. Engage yourself in any activity that is against the laws and will harm the video-downloaders.com for use of our services.
    2. Do improper Use of YouTube37's services.
    3. Use our Services, deliberately or inadvertently that violate the applicable laws or regulations.
  5. Grant of License: The video-downloaders.com grants you the non-transferable and non-exclusive license to download, store/ save and display, use our services solely for personal use only. You hereby accept that this is only for your personal use and that excludes any commercial purposes.
  6. Legal Purpose: You agree to use our services only for reasons permitted by this Agreement and Terms of Service along with any applicable law and regulation or practices and guidelines generally accepted in the applicable jurisdictions. YouTube37 is not liable for any breach of any applicable laws or regulations obligated by you or anybody else on your behalf. You warrant and agree that while using our Services your actions do not violate the laws or any regulations of the city, state or nation where you or YouTube37 is located or conducts.
  7. Termination: The terms of this Agreement shall commence when you use our services and shall persist unless otherwise you have been terminated hereto. The YouTube37 has all the rights to terminate your use and access on our website on an immediate basis with or without notice if you fail to comply with any terms of this Agreement or applicable laws and regulations.
  8. No Rights Upon Termination: Upon termination, you will not be authorized to use or access any services of our website in any way.
  9. Material Terms and Conditions: You clearly understand that all the terms and conditions of this agreement are material and failure to comply with it shall result in immediate termination of this Agreement.
  10. No warranty and disclaimer: you agree that our services are provided without any warranty whatsoever and youtube37 makes no presentations, promises or warranties on any services provided on this website. therefore, video-downloaders.com explicitly disclaims any implied warranty about our service's availability, performance or accessibility.
  11. Limited liability: we offer no liability for any substantial damages. you understand and agree that the entire cost of any damage causing due to use of our services or any information from our website is your liability and video-downloaders.com is not responsible for any such loss.
  12. No Transfers: You agree to not sell, rent, loan, lease, license, publish, distribute, display, or otherwise transfer any of the services of our website in whole to a third party or any other person or entity.
  13. Prohibitions: You agree that you will not download, use, emulate, copy, rent, clone, sell, lease, modify or change any part of the website or transfer it to any third party in any way. Any of the unauthorized use of our services shall result in automatic and immediate termination of this Agreement and may result in civil or criminal offenses.
  14. Copyrighted Notices: You understand and acknowledge that you shall not remove any patented labels or notices and copy any content on the website.
  15. Compliance with Law: You agree that while using or accessing our website, you will obey all applicable regional, state, national and international laws and regulations, including and without limitation of copyright, privacy, indecency and export control law.
  16. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold YouTube37 and its employees, directors, agents, successors harmless from all losses, damages, claims, liabilities, or any related expenses in connection with or arising from any third-party claim due to many reasons of failure to any terms of this agreement or applicable laws and regulations.
  17. Privacy Policy: You hereby explicitly consent to the use of your data or information by video-downloaders.com. This data can be collected and processed by us or our distributors for the sole purpose of enhancing our services. By agreeing with this agreement, you accept that video-downloaders.com may collect and keep your personal information such as you're your name, phone number, and email address.
  18. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be administered by and interpreted and imposed in agreement with the laws of the Government of India without conflicts and reference of law and regulations. You agree that this agreement shall be performed only in the government of India and hence any action, controversy, dispute or claim that may arise with this agreement shall be impeached exclusively in state courts of Government of India and you hereby have no right to change the venue to any other district, state, county or jurisdiction. However, video-downloaders.com shall be entitled to carry out the proceedings in any court of similar jurisdiction.
  19. Period for Bringing Actions: You agree that no action against any transactions under this Agreement may be brought by either party within one year of its occurrence or was revealed to have occurred.
  20. Entire Agreement: This Agreement is the complete agreement between you and video-downloaders.com and it supersedes any other prior contracts/ agreements, communications (oral or written) for our services. You hereby acknowledge that you have read this Agreement completely, understand it and accept to be obliged by its terms.
  21. Contact Information: In case you have any queries regarding this agreement, or if you wish to desire connect with video-downloaders.com for any feedback/ comments, please contact us at info.downloaders@gmail.com

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